Trust And Betrayal
Lyric by C. Fink

You lifted your head
Looked at me
Told me truly upright
Of things reliable
Let down your head
Turned away your eyes
Quick as you could
And disappeared
As you were alone
With yourself
Suddenly regained
A blank and empty mind
Is it forgetfulness
Or just unconcern?
You threw it away!

Never forget what you have said and done
Avoid my nearness and go far away from me
Words once significant, slighted and betrayed
Total division of a unit once perfect
Torn to pieces so frigid and cold

I put my faith in you
Trusted your words
Never doubted ‘bout
And still remember
Always appreciated
Never called question
Principles and maxims
Claimed proudly for you
Who is the more deceived?
Is it me or yourself?
It’s a matter of hurt
In my point of view
How can you justify
Reflected image?
Cowardly pretender!

You killed
As I
Knew you
And so
I mourn
And die
With you

A growing hole inside me
Afraid and anxious to see its depth
Meaningless to see or just to
Feel the broken part within me