Steer On Demise
Lyric by S. Rehbein

We race down the street in our town
The speedometer show 100 miles
From the car radio roar hard music
It is the new Mindreaper album

My friend screams: „Step on the gas”
So, I kick it down with all my strength
150 now, I can see the pier ahead
This is our great goal now

This will be the day – the day of the Mindreaper
This will be the day – for my build demise
This will be the day – of Mindreaper
This will be the day – for my demise

The night train shoots above the rails
All signals are on green from here to the end
In compartment 2 a band plays like mad
Their fans call them Mindreaper

The engine-driver shouts: „More fucking coal!”
It brings the power we need to do this
The end of the railway is in sight now
It will be a glorious final ride to hell

Steer on demise, is it our fate?
Steer on demise, is it what we want?
Steer on demise!

I glance through the plane window
See the distant stars and a sloping world
The turbines glowing on blending wings
This isn’t my imagine of a safe flight

I hear an announcement with an insane voice:
„Please fasten your seatbelts and stop smoking,
We will reach the atmosphere now”
I believe the captain is Mindreaper