Power Commandment
Lyric by S. Rehbein

Voices from everywhere
Tells the morality
A Code of behavior
To human satisfaction

They blabber in a choir
Cacophony of callings
Strung on a pearls chain
Necklace of thorns

Without any movements
Feels not the pain
This curses of the leash
Whenever to cast out

But there is another way
Not really hard to find
But fucking brutal to live
Be a tower of strength

Power Commandment
This is my way
Power Commandment
This will be my day
Every now and again
A storm is gathering
To comes from everywhere
And hell breaks loose

That is the time
To tilt backwards
And strike back again
With full force

The dust has settled
Surrounded by runlets
Fear their daily work
Subvert the base

Withstand their temptations
Delusions of masses
The clockwork runs
By which little part