Lyric by S. Rehbein

Waked up in this morning
Touched the other side
Fingers burrow the sheet
Certainness….I have to run!

Jumping thru the house
Screaming, water bleeding
Stairs becoming symbols
Offers the return

Don’t leave me here alone
Not in one thousand years
You have to stay by me
My only open hearth

The end of

A vault of glowing heart
One of loveliest buildings
Forged of my mistrust
A fast growing primal fear
Running thru the town
Wailing, water oppressing
Streets are decisions
Offers only to fail

No content in your words
Hear only what I want
Looking for the hook
To start the forge again

How can I find the painkiller?
To cure the created cage
Will this an endless knot?
A special kind of cutting through
It is my shame’s solution
To take the knife and murder
Or run away from this love
Again into the next one