Next One
Lyric by C. Fink

You got your special masterplan
Own lifeís architect
The most individual
Of all you saw before
Afraid of being a replica
Constructing a new path
Standing up to walk upon
And at first you squeue up

The line is the law, a row of human flesh
Which path we ever choose, the line is our way
The next one stands in front but for the line he is the same again

When itís finally on your turn
And youíre striking out
For the coming ladderís step
To fulfill your plan
Struggling just to get higher
Reaching for the sky
But then a little small mistake
Throws you back at start

Unsuitable, failed, replaced
So watch out for the next line
And wait to be chosen
For being the next one
Standing, waiting, loving, hating
Take your hope and all your strength but
Donít choose your way, you fool
Just choose your line