Counterpart From Hell
Lyric by S. Rehbein

Underhanded you break through me
Tears the flesh with bare hands
Writhes under distorted expression
Screaming, groaning, for my life

No emotion of mercy
Merciless always further dig
Whimper in a lake of blood
No unconsciousness delivers me

Counterpart from hell
This is your curse

Finally you stop to burrow through
Allows me a short period
While my strong limbs are referring
If I my blood more arouses

One moment I conclude with it
A stoke long I stop to pester
So you will press me down again
To be so damned

My violence
Is your accord
The gas
In your cells
Only you want
To count for me
To suffocate
My doubts in the bud
Come let us
Do this now
You want
The same
The last hurdle
Is clear
This barrier
Breaks so silently