Leave all behind
Lyric by S. Rehbein

I come into your lives
And hold out my hand
Hold out for you
Take your chance
And look at my sky
Till this wide sky

Look at your walls
And see what it consist of
Fears in your self
Donít let them led your live
And hold you back
Tear them down

Leave all behind!

Sometimes are it humans
They hold you back
Leave them behind
Their intentions are well
But canít feel what you feel
Turn away from them

The home is your love
And the feeling it gives
Leave it behind
Take only one breath of it
Itís enough to remain
Remain in your mind

To go on and donít stop
Start from this old today
This is way
Let off from all the things
But even if it hurts
It has to be

No ruin is it worth to keep
It canít give anything
So let it fade
Past are completed things
Not decide about today
Itís up to you!